The client does not eat in the kitchen, he doesn’t speak to the chef, he doesn’t come for patissier’s advice.
He’s not given a seat among the burners.
He doesn’t see food before making his order, he doesn’t see the refrigerating room or the wine cellar.
The client goes for a culinary experience, that’s true, but he needs the dining room to make it unique.
A delicious dish has the face of who described it to us, seldom we know the lineaments of who cooked it.
Now that food is under every possible spotlight, people, even restaurateurs, use to forget that the it’s the dining room, together with the kitchen, to host the show.

That a “welcome” comes before a “bon appetit”.

It is in the word “welcome” that Intrecci places the core of a new academic project: the advanced training for front room/hospitality. This course aims at training new enthusiastic experts in hospitality, who will be able to combine cutting edge expertise and excellent management skills with an essential amount of warmth and empathy. Key characters that know how to hold together the art of hospitality with that of enogastronomy.

A way to give new life and prestige to a job that is unfairly  perceived as old and dusty. This process is based on clear and distinctive key values, proprietary to Intrecci’s school:

Class as elegance, competence ad harmony,
Warmth as presence and never as intrusiveness,
Character, as ability to stand out while staying true to one’s self and territory.

That’s how appears a new generation of professionals that will bring to life a new, contemporary and welcoming idea of front of house activities.

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