A new front room is born.
The service you deserve.

Intrecci welcomes front of house service high education. Have a seat.

The client does not eat in the kitchen, he doesn’t speak to the chef, he doesn’t come for patissier’s advice. He’s not given a seat among the burners. The client goes for a culinary experience, that’s true, but he needs the dining room to make it unique.

That’s why Intrecci trains the new hospitality experts able to bind together the art of reception with that of enogastronomy.

Framed by Castiglione in Teverina’s enchanting landscape, Intrecci school is not just a place to study but also to group, share and be inspired.

The students, accommodated in the facility, will have the chance to combine learning with working experiences, masterclasses and tailor-made recreational activities.


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One of Intrecci’s objectives is to give new life and prestige to a job unfairly perceived as old and dusty getting rid of the gap between the kitchen and the dining room that in the past years has become bigger and bigger. To do so, the educational project has been designed starting from three key values.


Meant as elegance, know how and harmony and not as distance and affectation.


Meant as presence and not as intrusiveness


Meant as the ability of self-distinction while staying true to one’s self and territory.

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